AfInMic - Student Microscopy Symposium 2021

Workshop Poster: STUDENT SYMPOSIUM 2021

AfInMic STUDENT SYMPOSIUM 2021 (29 November – 3 December)

The symposium will focus on student presentations centered around the characterisation of their samples using any of the below:

  1. Light microscopy
  2. Laser Confocal Microscopy
  3. Scanning electron microscopy
  4. Transmission electron microscopy, and
  5. Spectroscopy Supporting techniques in relation to Microscopy

Over 1000 US Dollars’ worth of prizes to be won for multiple presentation categories.
Presentation certificates will be awarded for all participants.

#AFInMic #StudentSymp2021 #MSSASymposim #AfricanMicroscopySeries and follow the # of the day.

To participate, please register on the AfInMic website:

Deadline for abstract submission is: 31st October, 2021.

Please submit your abstract to this link: